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The White Bird Company provides business services to creative entrepreneurs in the wedding community.

Only you can serve your brides in the way that you can. I’m here to help with the “business” side of running your wedding company.

I get my hands dirty streamlining your systems and processes and managing the tasks that take away your focus. This gives you the time and energy to build and brand your unique business.

The White Bird Company is completely goal-oriented, meaning my goal is to help you reach yours. Whether that goal is to simplify the process of starting a company, improve your workflows, or grow an empire, I’ll help you get there.

And then, we’ll pop the champagne!

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Business Brainstorm

For: the entrepreneur who needs a highly qualified sounding board, but isn't ready to commit to fully outsourcing yet.

Give me 60 minutes to change your life. Or, at least, greatly improve your current business processes.

The "Business Brainstorm" gets you a 60-minute strategy call to talk through your goals, and sketch out or workshop your business strategy. Then I’ll determine a plan of actionable steps to get you to the next level, and will send it back to you to get started. The support you need from me after that is up to you.

Sound good? Let’s get to work. Pricing starts at $150.

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Systems Streamline

For: the entrepreneur who is overwhelmed with all of the tasks that come with running a business, and is looking for some help with process improvement.

Let’s determine where your own systems are holding you back, then I’ll streamline your business for you.

The "Systems Streamline" gets you a full system walkthrough from a process-improvement perspective. We'll start by figuring out what is and is not working and identify any gaps, pain points or bottlenecks slowing you down. Then I’ll take it from there. I’ll clean up your current systems to improve how they work for you, or I’ll set up any new systems required to attain your long-term goals.

Let’s get you set up for success. Pricing starts at $300.

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Monthly Management

For: the entrepreneur who wants to focus their attention elsewhere in their business, while knowing their core tasks are being taken care of.

Increase the impact you have on your clients by outsourcing the tasks that are not your core focus.

The "Monthly Management" package starts by walking through your short- and long-term business goals. Then we’ll create an action plan for projects, administrative services, and back-end tasks I can manage while you focus on serving your brides and the tasks that need your full attention. From there, we'll schedule monthly strategy calls to check in on longer-term projects and adjust strategy as needed. Need support only during wedding season? Don’t worry, I can help with that too.

Need some time back in your day? Let me help. Pricing starts at $500/month.

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